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This Buddhist Temple In Thailand Is Made Of Beer Bottles, And It’s Not A Hoax!

In a society in which it’s thought that the temple premises and alcohol do not go together, that Buddhist temple in Thailand has banished these criteria by building a temple utilizing recycled beer bottles.  Only 500 km from Bangkok, is located this impressive Buddhist temple called Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew or’the temple of a million bottles’.

How did this idea emerge?

Situated in the Khun Han district of Sisaket state, this special notion of building a temple using beer bottles arrived from the brain of the monks at 1984.  Ultimately, after becoming tired of this mounting waste littered at the region, the older monks of the temple urged the natives to deposit beer bottles for recycling.

Over time, the temple police were able to amass a decent number of bottles to utilize them for the building of the temple premises which is composed of 20 buildings.  Everything in your prayer halls, tourist baths, crematorium, to the mosaics of Buddha are manufactured of the recycled waste.

And, do they have a preferred choice of bottles?

Yes!  The green bottles of Heineken and brown bottles of this regional Thai Beer are utilized for its building.

In actuality, this eco-friendly and creative initiative began from these older Buddhist monks has left everyone speechless!

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