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Adventures trip in Rishikesh for River Rafting

Uttrakhand is a place of adventure. If you are planning for any adventure trip then Rishikesh is the best one for you. You can go there and take advantage of the tour which we are giving to you from our side. You can visit in Rishikesh and do the river rafting over there to make your trip more memorable for you. River Rafting is the adventure which everyone cannot do so make sure that if you are going for that follows all instruction and all the cautions which is given by the guide side. Uttarakhand is a place of adventure you can do the mountain climbing as well over there. Its depends upon you that what you want to do or what you can do. It’s a kind of fear factor in which you need to fight with your fear. Rishikesh is the place of natural beauty also so you can visit with your family also. They will enjoy the beauty and the hills over there and you will have so many memories over there.

1.What to carry with you

For the river rafting you need to have the synthetic suit with you. Because it gets dry very soon if you will carry the cotton clothes so in that case they will get wet and they will get more time to get dry. Shoes also needs to be comfortable no hip hop will work in this kind of place. Get some sun cream also for the trip and a sun glass also need to carry with you. As Rishikesh is a place of hills so don’t forget to take some woolen also with you.if you are planning for some more days to stay over there. Take some cash with you because if the ATM will not work in some place so in that case you have the cash with you for the payment. Take the camera also with you so that you can save the memories of you’re the fun which you had done with your friend.

2.How to reach in Rishikesh

All options are available to reach Rishikesh by air, by train, by bus, and by car. Its depend on you only how you want to reach their as per your destination and as per your budget and as per your taste.

3.Things to do There

If you are going in Uttrakhand so there are so many things which you can do over there. “Camping and Trekking “,”Beach camping and rafting “,”Kanatal camping around oak Trees” and “The Camp River Wild in Jim Corbett Park”. You can also enjoy the beauty of nature with your friends and family. You need to be very conscious if you are going for any rafting or any climbing. You just follow the instructions given to you by the coach of yours. They will guide you the things which will help you for the rafting and for climbing as well. you can also have the trip for the city as well by which you can get the knowledge of the city as well and if you are in the Uttrakhand so don’t forget to go in Haridwar and attend the Ganga evening aarti by which you can feel the spiritual magic as well. There are so many places which you can see if you are in Uttrakhand and if you have that much time with you.

4.Foods in Rishikesh

If you are in Rishikesh so in that case you will not be able to stop yourself to taste the food over there like Samosa, Aloo Puri, Chholey Bhatute, Masala Chai, Ice Cream, Dosa, Pani Puri, and last but not the least the  Lassi and Sweets over there. All are the item will make you feel like you are out of the earth after the rafting or climbing. You can celebrate you rafting party with these lip liking dishes and you will never forget the taste of that.

5.Hotels and Camps in Rishikesh

While going in Rishikesh it depends on you that how you want to enjoy your journey. You want to stay in a hotel or you want to stay in a tent. If you want to enjoy your journey in royal style so you can stay in a hotel as well. If you want to enjoy the nature or if you want to save money as well which you can use for different activities so you can take the tent option over there. If you are with your family, then you can go for the hotel as well and if you are with your friends and siblings so in that case you can take the tent option as well. In the hotel you will get all the facilities for your family to make you feel luxury holidays and in the tent you will feel the closeness of the reality and nature.

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