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Enjoy Tourism of Odisha

India is a country of unity in variety. There are all kinds of places we have like we have the hills station in Leh and Ladakh. Then for spiritual part if we talk about we have the Uttarakhand for that where so many temples available. The adventure like River Rafting you can do in Rishikesh. Other part is nature’s beauty Kerala is for that and the Darjeeling. Now if we talk about the Odisha so it’s a place of architecture and the culture over there. There are so many temples over there which you can see for the architecture of that place like the Konark temple, Lingaraj temple, Jaganath temple all are full of the art. You can see the beauty of art and the clarity of the art. In the Durga Puja if you will see the sculpture, its looks like the real because of the clarity of the work done on that. Odisha is the place of temples, beaches and the Dam. You must visit those all places over there.

What to carry with you for Odisha

Packing your bags for Odisha so doesn’t forget to mention the cotton cloth in your packing list. And it will be more helpful to carry the full sleeve shirts or t shirt with you to cover your body from sun tag. Don’t forget to keep the suns creams and sunglasses with you. You need to carry comfortable sandals with you or the shoes. Take identity card with you to secure yourself from any kind of security issue. Keep some cash always with you if you are going for any outing. If you are going in November to February so keep one extra jacket also with you in your bags.

What to do in Odisha

If you are planning a trip with your friends or with your family for Odisha so there are so many places which you visit over there “The Jagannath Temple”, “Konark Temple”, “Lingraj Temple” “Nandankanan Zoo”. In Odisha there will be 4 beaches which you can see “Puri Beach, Konark Beach, Gopalpur Beach and the Chandipur Beach. Each beach has different story like if I tell you about the Chandipur beach  so in this water will go half km inside the sea for some time and then after some time again water will come there will be an announcement for that. In the Cuttack you can see famous Chandi mandir, Deer park, indoor, outdoor stadium. There is also one more place where you should go if it’s an odisha tour its chilka lake and a fort also available in Cuttack which is Baripada and the Hirakund dam one more place is Mahanadi in Cuttack.

Facts about the Jagannath Temple

1. Defying Nature’s Code of Conduct

It’s a fact that the flag at the top of the temple fly in the opposite direction of the wind.

2. A light with no darkness

As we all know that it’s a fact that there will not be light without darkness but it’s a fact that you will never find any shadow of the temple.

3. Magical Methods to Cook

You will never believe about this fact which is true in the Jaganath temple that they cook the food in 7 vessels mounted over one another but the vessel which is at the top that will cook first.

Taste of Odisha

Foods in Odisha which you should eat if it’s a Odisha tour you can eat Khichdi, Dahi Vada aloo dum,Dalma, Pakhara Bhata, Gupchup, Macha Ghanta, Chhena Poda and the Rasabali. You will not stop yourself to taste all these foods to taste and you will not forget the taste of that food.

How to reach for Odisha

There are so many options available for you to visit Odisha but it’s completely depends on the choice and the budget of yours you can go there by air, by train or by bus also you can go but by bus it will take so much time and money you will also get so much tired.

Hotels in Odisha

If you are going in Odisha so there are so many hotels which you can book as per your budget there will you find all kinds of hotel like the 5 star hotel Mayfair, Pramod and the Ananya and if you want reasonable hotel so that the hotels are also available in Odisha so you can select as per your pocket.

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