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19 Amazing Places to Visit in South Goa in 2019 fora Fun-Filled Beach Vacation!

Goa isn’t just about Baga, Calangute, Tito’s and Mambo.  There’s another facet to this party capital of the nation you have to research and it is down south.  There are many places to go to in South Goa who aren’t only restricted to beaches but there are different regions filled with vim and vigor a genuine traveler must research.  Even though North Goa has a reputation for being a party location, South Goa is where folks come to have a relaxing time and reestablish their perceptions.

Take a peek at these finest places to see In South Goa for this punch!

The leisurely pace of life, exotic beaches and historical villages beckon solitude seeking travelers from all over the globe to Goa.  The 2nd most important city, Margao starts the shore circuit of South Goa.  In case the laziest person was supposed to select 1 destination in the nation afterward, South Goa beaches would be their choice!  Together with the smiling sunshine, clear water from the ocean and the gorgeous virgin sand, why do you go anyplace else?

Choose your secluded shore from the list:

1. Butterfly Beach

The unfrequented and hidden shore of Goa is a masterpiece by itself.  The title itself justifies the attractiveness of this area.  In case you haven’t ever been to this shore, then gives you all the more reasons to go and explore the beauty of this.  It’s indeed among the greatest places to go to in South Goa.  You could even spot dolphins, crabs, and butterflies with this shore.

2. Palolem Beach

The palms grooves, shacks along with the lengthy stretch of this pristine shore carrying white sand are just fantabulous!  It’s also famed for its popular Silent Disco that’s situated on this shore.  Aside from this, you can enjoy watersports, swimming, and yoga.

3. Polem Beach

The waters of this beach is excellent for swimming and sunbathing pool.  Appreciate the dolphins playing in the water along with a few rare migratory birds in the shore.  It’s the last beach in Goa as well as in Cancona area.  From that stage onwards, Karnataka region starts.

4. Agonda Beach

If you seriously need to do nothing and chill with your buddies, then it is a perfect beach for you to get pounded.

One of those only four beaches in Goa designated as turtle nesting website, Agonda Beach gives you tranquility and calmness.  In the event you ever have to escape from all the tourist bustle, then you must escape this shore.

We Recommend Staying At: Agonda Beach huts, Rose Bud Beach shacks along with Sam’s Beach Shack

5. Johnny Cool’s

Then there’s not superior location in SOuth Goa compared to Johny Cool’s to love some fantastic jazz music.  The location is also quite popular because of its own beers, snacks, fun.  The audience is generally young and the place gets pretty crowded.  Great for chilling out within a few drinks, listening to local music and people watching.

6. Down The Road

The bistro-bar of Goa along with the odor of Italian dressing is in the atmosphere.  It’s now becoming the very exciting to spot with live party songs.  Set in a gorgeous place, the restaurant is set within a classic Portuguese style hall.  Down The Road is where you may enjoy a selection of exciting cocktails at an ideal, vibrant ambiance.  If you’re in no mood to go to a bar with loud music, choose to enjoy your beverages here.

Important Information: There is not any entrance fee and restaurant is connected to the bistro for an ideal meal.

7. Silent Noise

This is essential in your list of locations to see in South Goa!  Highly suggested.  A one of a kind celebration, teenagers, kids and thieves collect around, plug to the headphones and listen to the various types of music such as hard rock, pop, jazz, jazz and grooving on the dance floor.

Important Information: Every Saturday on Palolem Beach, for Additional details click here

8. Palolem Beach

Buy the very best of those items from the hippie culture marketplace.  It’s on coordinated every Saturday.  Do not overlook this afternoon shopaholics.  It’s also among the greatest places to enjoy nightlife besides shopping.  You’ll come across a great deal of international tourists purchasing and wandering here.  If you become tired of all of the shopping, you can opt for an Ayurveda massage.


Use your bargaining skills here and purchase the very best gifts for your nearest and dearest.  Let us shop from the brassy lights, dance around the marketplace to put in a urge to the ambiance.  Tourists and hippies are attracted to the marketplace due to all of the cool things available here.  You also ough to have a look at this unique market on your visit to South Goa.

We Recommend Shopping At: Chim on Palolem beach and Fat Cat en Route into Patnem

10. Se Cathedral

The greatest cathedral in Asia has five bellsout of which the gold bell–is the most famous and the biggest on the planet.  The palace was built by the Portuguese to celebrate the success of the war with the Muslim army in the year 1950.  The design of this church is in Portuguese-manueline fashion at which the Tuscan exterior compliments the Corinthian interior really well.

11. Shantadurga Temple

It is situated in Kavlem and is devoted to Shantadurga goddess.  It’s known among the richest temples in Goa and has been assembled during 1713 to 1738 AD.  It’s thought that Goddess Shantidurga is Goddess Parvati’s kind who mediated between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu when a fierce battle occurred.

12. Naval Aviation Museum

The museum showcases the Indian Naval Aviation, weapons, and sensors safety gear & air crafts constituting Goa’s liberation.  The army museum is merely 6 kilometers away out of Vasco da Gama and has been set up in 1947.  Feel proud in the wealthy history of Indian naval military and aircraft together with its development with time. You will also find a picture gallery of all of the aircraft plus also a’Hall of Silence’ for meditation.  This location in South Goa is just one of its type.

Important Information: Opening- 9:30 pm to 5:00 pm; entrance fee is INR 20 for both Indians, INR 50 for thieves and INR 50 for cam

13. St Xavier’s Church

The most well-known church of South Goa, has amazing interiors and gothic architecture.  This is essential see if you are at the southern half of town.

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Other Top Places to Visit in South Goa

If you believe that was it, then below are a few attractions which you may visit from South Goa should you’ve more time on your own hand.

14. Benaulim

If you’re searching for places to go to in south of in 1 afternoon, then Benaulim is among these.  For people who enjoy seafood can absolutely not afford to overlook this place in their Goa excursion.  Benaulim is a gorgeous beach located to the south of Margaon in which you can unwind in peace and tranquility.  You could even see some predators here.  It has a lively culture that makes it among the greatest places to go to in South Goa at nighttime.

15. Loutolim

Loutolim church

A lovely large village at South Goa, Loutolim is full of historic surprises to you.  It’s the ancestral village of most renowned cartoonist Mario de Miranda.  Locate the remnant of Portuguese age in its own temples, churches, and buildings.  Seeing this old, charming city is similar to launching a history book.  The entire village looks right from a fairy story.  You’ve to see next time you’re at South Goa.  You Can See the Big Foot Museum and Salvador de Mundo church.

16. Mobor

If you’re in your honeymoon in South Goa and searching for romantic escapades, subsequently Mobor is the paradise.  The scenic scenery and tranquil environs of the area make it a ideal spot for lovebirds to have a romantic stroll with hands clenched like lobsters and invest in some quality time together.  Additionally, there are myriad watersports you might like to enjoy in your spare time.’

17. Bogmalo

A small beach in South Goa, Bogmalo is where you can spend your afternoons and evenings in leisure.  The best part is it is only 4 kilometers from Dabolim Airport so that you may come directly to the place after you property in Goa.  There’s a hotel named Bogmallo Beach Resort where you could want to remain if you’d like a beachside and quiet accommodation in Goa.

18. Arrosim

One of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Arrosim warrants a trip on your visit to the wonderland.  The white sandy beach is fringed with palm trees and the blue water seems enticing enough to take a swim.  It’s a hawker-free beach, but you’ll discover a couple of shacks and delis that function lip-smacking road food.  It’s among the greatest places to go to in South Goa in which you could have a relaxing day.

19. Chandor

Visiting Chandor is South Goa is similar to launching a history book because you discover an awesome assortment of primitive and old buildings having an effect of Portuguese architecture.  A few of the buildings date back to 6th century B.C. Witness the headless Nandi Bull which was developed from the 11th century and is put within the Portuguese Mansion.

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