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Reasons for travel:    

When we talk about the travel you don’t need to ask that why people want to travel but in rare case if someone don’t want to travel so here are some reason which will motivate you for travel.

Visit new place

When you go out for travel you will find new places and in new places you know more and more thing about the place. It will increase your IQ level and you will have so many things which you can tell other about your experience.

Make multilingual friends

In the different country or city when you travel you make some friends there they know the different language so in that case anyhow you also know the different language. It is also a plus point for you of your travel.

Live like the local

If you really want to enjoy your trip so you need to be local than only they will get interact with you and will tell you all about the cultural and about the city. It will give you the stories which you can tell other and get the appreciation for that because all love to listen the new stories about the new place.

Get knowledge about cities or country

While traveling for the new city you will know the language and the cultural information but for that information you need to interact to the people and also take a round over the whole city. You will also need to asked question from other regarding your query.

Taste different food

Sauerkraut with burgers and fries. Table with different food. Find the best taste. Fresh meal at new cafe.

You can also make a trip to taste the foods in the different city or in country, it will be a food trip of your. The lip liking taste of that food will also give you the different feel of your travel. Taste will always remember by all.

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