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20 Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night in 2019 for a Vacation in Starry Landscapes!

Looking for a listing of areas to see in Dubai at night?  The hunt ends here!  Dubai following sundown is a myriad of glistening lights which change this town to seem like fireflies in a jar.  The magic of undergoing Dubai following the sun goes down is surreal and hunted by most that frequent this town for its nightlife and ultramodern architecture.

From adventuresome night safaris from the Arabian shore, the fabulous beauty of many attractions, thanks to the many best clubs in Dubai, there is no limit to how much it is possible to explore with the finest of Dubai tour packages to get a taste of luxury and finesse.

Confused where to go in Dubai in the night?  Find unmatched experiences such as desert safaris, fountain displays, clubbing, shopping, late-night sightseeing, and even more which make the city glow at night!  Let’s help you out:

1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Walk beneath a 48-meter-long aquarium and be face to face with the sharks to get an adventure that leaves you awestruck!  This gorgeous artificial marvel fills you with childlike wonder and can be among the most mesmerizing places to go to in Dubai at night.  When this, the daredevils can have a dip one of the sharks and revel in cage diving for that unique knowledge in Dubai town at night.

2. Ski Dubai At Emirates Mall

A ski mountain inside town?  Yes, Dubai never stops to surprise with its man-made magnificence.  Why visit the scorching desert once you’re able to ski within the conveniences of a mall?  This ski mountain is constructed from the authentic mountain style and provides an authentic ski experience to the experience seekers and is among the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai during the night.

3. Burj Khalifa

This mega skyscraper is world famous and is spell-binding in all of its glory.  However, the opinion from the 124th floor at night is the most enchanting sight you can ever see.  A ride at the fastest lift in the world for all those glistening panoramic perspectives counts as among the most astounding things to do in Dubai during the night and cannot be overlooked on earth.  It is, in reality, among the greatest places for nighttime sightseeing in Dubai.

4. Dubai Creek

Flowing through the heart of Dubai, this saltwater creek brings out the sexy confluence of the complex structure of Bur Dubai in an age gone by, together with all the amazing skyline of Deira Dubai that’s sprinkled with uncountable skyscrapers which makes it one of the most crucial areas to see in Dubai during the night.  Cruise down the tranquil waters of Dubai Creek at the Dhow Cruise, a Dubai night adventure that may not be forsaken.  Enjoy a yummy dinner amidst the enchanting Dubai lights onboard, basking in the elegant music along with also an alluring Tanura Dance series for a whole cultural experience of this lavish Dubai town at night.  If you do not want to select a cruise trip, then it’s possible to just hang out close to the shore to see the glistening city skyline, which will be among the greatest things to do in Dubai late at night.

5. The Dubai Fountains

Remember that the fountain scene in the conclusion of Brad Pitt and George Clooney starrer Ocean’s 11?  Now imagine it larger and better!  That is the Dubai Fountains, together with incredible light and music show every 30 minutes that compliments the dance waters that balances among the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai through the night, leaving you with an unmistakable feeling of calmness.  On the lookout for inexpensive Dubai encounters?  We got you better!  This magnificent display of water artwork, dance lights, and also a fantastic symphony of audio is most likely among the greatest places to go to in Dubai at night at no cost.

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6. The Madinat Theatre

This conventional Middle-Eastern marketplace isn’t just a shopper paradise but in addition, it houses a state-of-the-art Madinat theater within its labyrinth.  Among the very best nighttime sightseeing in Dubai this comprises the nighttime populate using the harmonious melodies of their numerous musical performances from musicians around the world, giving it the reputation of a few of the very best among all Dubai areas to see during the night.

Tips: The ticket costs for your performances in Madinat Theater vary and it’s almost always best to book tickets weeks in advance to get a hassle-free encounter.

7. The Arabian Desert

Dubai night with no desert safari is pristine.  The Arabian desert in all its vastness provides an assortment of tasks like sand ski, camel riding, dune bashing and quad biking to name a couple.  Nonetheless, it’s in actuality the desert safari in Dubai after sunset, which increases the magic of town with its own barbecue dinners about the Arabian Desert and cultural performances such as the Tanura Dance Show, Belly Dancing and a royal Fire Show.  If you are wondering where to go in Dubai at night with your spouse, spend a night relishing at the Bedouin culture and stargazing which count among the enjoyable things to do in Dubai late at night.

8. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk And Dubai Marina

The artificial marina is fenced by multitudes of skyscrapers that light the town skies with their magnificent light.  The JBR stroll accompanying the marina is a hotspot of all cafés, restaurants and the top clubs in Dubai, which add to the glamour of the lavish city.  Why a day is in the Jumeirah beach incredible is how it’s among the greatest places to go to in Dubai at night at no cost.

9. Lost Chambers

This Atlantis themed underwater aquarium homes marine life that empowers one to become face-to-fin with stingrays, seahorses, sharks and more to get a jaw-dropping adventure.  Among various items to do in Dubai in the nighttime, aquatrek, Atlantis dip, ray shark and feeding safari are the actions that make one’s Dubai holiday a treasure chest of memories.

10. Shopping Malls In Dubai

Famously known as the International Shopping Destination of earth, Dubai has got the choicest range of well-stocked malls which appeal not just to the shopaholics as well as those obsessed with spending but provide a tantalizing assortment of activities like skiing, snowboarding, amphibious bus journey and a lot more, never leaving one to wonder exactly what to do in Dubai during the night.  If you do not want to purchase anything, then these malls nevertheless compensate for some of the greatest places to go to in Dubai during the night free of charge where it is still possible to roam under the stunning and lavish architecture.

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11. The Spa At Palace Downtown

Pamper yourself with a tailor-made spa session for part of things to do in Dubai through the nighttime, by choosing from a broad variety of alternatives like chamomile, chocolate body scrub, almond oil wrapping, amongst others.  Surrender yourself to the soothing scents along with the palms of expert magicians that assist energize the entire body, mind, and soul!

Location: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Palace Downtown, Dubai 9770, United Arab Emirates

12. Gold Souks & Spice Markets

Amongst the numerous places to see in Dubai at nighttime are its Gold Souks and Spice Markets.  Purchase tones of gold decorations such as bangles, watches, rings, and much more in the Deira’s famed Gold Souks and catch Middle-Eastern spices and spices in the various spice markets and souks in your visit to Dubai.  Aside from those souks and bazaars, you may even pay a visit to the Dubai Night Market.

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13. Uptown Bar

Breathe in the Arabian breeze whilst enjoying one of the best views of Dubai.  In addition to this Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the place reverberates with excellent jazz songs, which makes it impossible to overlook this stunning bar from the testicle of locations to see in Dubai throughout the night.  It is one of the jazziest places to hang out with your friends or spouse.

Location: 24th Floor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim — Dubai — United Arab Emirates

14. Chillout Ice Lounge

Need a rest out of the heated desert temperatures?  The Chill out Ice Lounge lives up to its title for a café that thrives on -6°Celsius.  This special place definitely adds that extra appeal to the listing of best clubs in Dubai and provides that offbeat encounter that most travelers crave.  It’s among those vibrant places to go to at night in Dubai.

Location: Ground Floor, Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road، Al Quoz — Dubai — United Arab Emirates

Cuisines: Fast food

15. 360 Lounge

Offering panoramic views of the shore and the lovely Burj Al Arab, this couch attracts numerous guests and can be one of the many magnificent places to see in Dubai during the night.  Come see this couch in the night to get a 360-degree sunset and unwind as the sun goes down for this glittering image of the shore close to the Dubai Marina during the night.  Many people visit for all those magnificent views of Dubai and relaxing time with friends.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, near Jumeirah Rd, ending of this Marina Walkway — Dubai — United Arab Emirates

16. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Located in Abu Dhabi, this grand mosque is an important area of worship.  Produced from the Syrian fashion of design, this mosque looks magnificent under the moonlight which makes it a high priority at the list of areas to see in Dubai at nighttime.  The Mosque delivers a stunning view as it rises majestically from flawlessly manicured yards and can be a sight to be treasured until the end of occasions.  You’re going to be blown away with its own magnificent architecture that is unlike any other!

Location: Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street، 5th St — Abu Dhabi — United Arab Emirates

Distance From Dubai: 128 km

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17. Al Sadeem Observatory

A cure for those stargazers, this observatory provides innovative telescopes, tents and a royal campfire, to increase the experience of sitting beneath a starry blanket which weaves magic!  Come, find out about the skies that intrigues the finest people within this bucket list of areas to see in Dubai during the night.

Location: Al Sadeem Observatory, Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

Distance From Dubai: 153 km

Timings: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday- 6:00pm to 4:00am

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18. Tee And Putt

A light-hearted variant of the complex game of golf which can be played inside, in the dark, away in the hot sunshine and at a mall.  Intrigued yet?  Tee and Putt are the town’s only glow- from the dark miniature golf course that’s a part of the many enjoyable things to do in Dubai through the night.  Indulge in a while in this one of a kind golf course to create your Dubai excursion a hit!

Location: Dalma Mall, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Distance From Dubai: 142 km

Timings: Sat to Wed-10:00am to 10:00pm; Thur and Fri- 10:00am to 12;00am

19. Bounce Trampoline Park

Unleash the kid from you and go crazy!  Jump into your heart fill and give yourself a pleasant break whilst on a search for the best things to do in Dubai at nighttime.  Locate the ninja with you while questioning yourself emotionally and physically!

Location: Marina Mall, Breakwater, Abu Dhabi

Distance From Dubai: 149 km

Timings: All Days- 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

20. Ferrari World

This is actually the very first Ferrari-branded entertainment park at the world and is indubitable for its F1 fans.  Even if one isn’t into cars, overlooking this by the listing of matters to do in Dubai during the night is out of the question.  Enjoy a distinctive welcome for this theme park at the Scuderia design for this complete Ferrari adventure!  Once indoors, live the delight of these fast cars, paths and feel the luxurious, feel the glamour of these wheels that are hot!  Enjoy with the many thrilling rides, games, shows, and attractions themed round Ferrari.

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Distance From Dubai: 112 km

Timings: All Days (Except Sunday) – 11:00am to 8:00pm

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Inspired to go through the rich opulence of Dubai yet?  Reserve your customized Dubai excursion with GO BOOKING NOW and indulge in a few of those exotic nightly rituals to get that yearlong adventure of Middle-East!  Since the sun sets, you will paper writers notice an entirely different side of Dubai which you probably may have a difficult time becoming accustomed to.  View our Dubai travel movie to have a sneak peek in Dubai’s vibrant nightlife scene.  You wouldn’t believe your own eyes!

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